Weight Loss Programme

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We are now offering a bespoke full weight loss programme developed using our Easy Detox Kits, with recipes developed specifically and individually for you!

Designed to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, we work with you individually over a 4 week period to tailor a diet and food programme that can help you to lose weight safely & easily.*

In addition to helping you to lose weight, the use of our Easy Detox Kit in the first week will provide you with a full body Detox & Cleanse, leaving you feeling refreshed, more energised and generally more healthy.

The detox kit combined with our food plan will reset your body, conditioning you to eat less without feeling hungry and preparing you to live a much healthier life going forwards.

It can break the cycle of unhealthy eating in a quick and effective manner.

This programme is ideal for people looking to lose between 4lbs & 2 stone in weight in a short time period*.

We appreciate that everyone enjoys different types of food, and this programme is tailored specifically and individually to you.

Being able to make the most of food you enjoy is more likely to help you succeed in long term weight loss, and this is where our plan has the edge – everything is tailored for you personally!

We want you to enjoy the detox & weight loss experience, not to feel like it is a chore!

We will be here to support and help you on a daily basis.

* Please note that the amount of weight loss varies from person to person & the amount of weight lost during our Easy Detox programme cannot be guaranteed. However, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of our product and back this up with our Money Back Guarantee. If after following our plan you are not satisfied with the results obtained, we will refund your money in full *

Tailored Meal Plans!

We create tailored meals specifically for you, which are developed around the foods that you enjoy eating.

Designed so that you can still eat the foods that you enjoy!

Week 1

Pre-detox plan

We work up a food plan with you that will support your body prior to moving into the Detox phase of your weight loss programme.

We to understand what sort of food you normally enjoy eating, your food budget, and then work this into your detox & ongoing meal plans, building recipes specifically for you which you will enjoy.

Week 2

7 Day Easy Detox

We support you through the full Easy Detox programme with meal, drink, snack  and smoothie plans, ensuring you are undergoing an effective detox without feeling hungry!

We work with you during this important phase to ensure that you effectively detox, cleanse and reset your body, whilst eating tasty, healthy meals!

Week 3

Post Detox Week

Your first post detox week.

Welcome to your new body!

Now you should be feeling invigorated and better about your body, so we work to create meal plans that will keep you this way.

This week we show you how you can create great food that is enjoyable to eat and healthy for your body.

Week 4

Maintaining the balance

Now we teach you how you can keep your body in balance.

We show you how you can eat the foods you like, and still  enjoy eating out, going to restaurants, etc.

We give you a range of recipes, tailored to you that you will enjoy making for yourself and your family, all of which will enable you to live a healthier lifestyle.

We will not increase your food budget or make you eat raw spinach!!

We’ve all been there – we have all tried diet plans that end up costing you a fortune in food and vitamin supplements without giving you the results that you want.

We actually aim to reduce your weekly shopping bill, and provide you with recipes that you can use for yourself and your whole family!

We work with you to understand the foods that you enjoy eating and then tailor your recipes accordingly – and we promise you won’t have to eat raw spinach and kale – unless you want to!

All the vitamins and minerals you require come from your food. Even during your 7 day detox, all the vitamins and minerals you need are contained within your detox kits, so you don’t need to spend any extra on supplements or protein powders!

Personal Consultant

You will have a personal consultant dedicated to you for the full 4 week period.

You will be give their individual e-mail address and mobile phone number, and they will be there to support you individually through your journey.

They will develop your meal plans and recipes with you and will give you all of the help and advice you need!




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