The thing I really noticed about the detox was that, despite being very busy, I had more energy

I’ve recently finished the Amrita 7 day Easy Detox which was so simple and straightforward but delivers amazing results. This detox is nutrition based so there’s no going hungry. I’ve always been wary about juice cleanses and fasts as your body needs support from nutrient rich foods to detox efficiently.

Your body is very skilled at detoxification; the kidneys, skin, lungs and the liver in particular, are working overtime and doing a brilliant job. The problem is we’re coming into contact with more and more toxins in our food, water, household cleaning products, beauty products and environment, and our body sometimes needs some help to do it’s job effectively. When we’re overloaded with toxins we become sluggish and can suffer from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, inflammatory conditions and aches and pains.

This detox programme uses foods and freeze dried organic herbs and fruits that, along with nutrient dense foods, support the body’s detoxification process and help with the safe elimination of toxins.

You have one detox shake three times a day alongside a nutrient dense, unprocessed, organic diet free of refined carbs, sugar, gluten, dairy, meat, caffeine and alcohol. You receive full instructions with your shake sachets, which includes pre and post detox information and dietary guidelines.

The shakes are easy to mix up and the recommendation is to mix them with coconut water which tasted quite pleasant, although they were quite grainy. I forgot to add coconut water to one shake and just mixed it with water. I didn’t do that again… suffice to say it’s a lot better with the recommended coconut water! You can mix into a smoothie if you prefer.

The thing I really noticed about the detox was that, despite being very busy, I had more energy. A lot more energy! This started on day 2, and carried on throughout the detox and beyond. Day 3 I was incredibly over-emotional but this was thankfully only temporary and by day 4 I was feeling calm and positive with more mental clarity.

My aim wasn’t to lose weight but I felt lighter and fresher and when I checked the scales at the end of the detox I had lost 1kg. I can really see that if you want to lose weight this would be an excellent way to kick start weight loss. My digestion was definitely working well, I wasn’t craving sweet foods as much as the detox went on and I wasn’t as hungry between meals. My skin had a healthy glow and I felt great!

This detox is so simple to fit into your daily life and really effective. I would recommend to anyone wanting to boost energy, vitality and wellness, lose weight, boost mood, improve skin, reset unhealthy habits and support healthy ageing.

Juliette Evans
Nutritional Therapist, UK