The 7-day Easy Detox body cleanse was super convenient and easy to follow

My 7 Day Cleanse Experience and the low down on ‘detoxes’

I’ve just completed a cleanse using the Easy Detox 7-day kit. It’s a convenient 7 days work of sachets containing a blend of various herbs that can support the body’s natural detox pathways and work in conjunction with a balanced diet. There are 3 sachets per day, which should be taken before each meal either mixed into water or coconut water, or blended into a light smoothie ideally with coconut water, berries and spinach. I found the kit super easy to use for the 7 days and fit around my regular day to day activities.

But isn’t ‘detoxing’ just a fad or a scam?

I used to think so! I’ve always been so skeptical (and rightly so) of all the juice fasts and other fasting plans out there, and it still drives me mad that we’re bombarded with juice cleanses, restrictive fasts and crazy sugar ‘detoxes’ all the time – especially in January!

How can these plans be healthy and truly support your liver to detoxify if you’re not actually eating the specific foods necessary for supporting the various detoxification pathways?! In my opinion such ‘detox’ plans are a scam (whether intentional or not). Plus, they usually don’t provide lasting results.

Whilst fasting may have value as a spiritual practice, it has NO PLACE in a physiologically effective detoxification programme. Sorry but it doesn’t.

Your liver is already performing its duties, but from time to time it’s beneficial to give it a really good helping hand by putting in far more of the nutrients (from FOOD) it needs whilst removing the substances that can hinder the process.

Your amazing body is of course capable of detoxing and healing itself, but it’s MOST effective at doing so when it has the RIGHT nutrients.

Simply following juice-only cleanses or other such programmes is just torturing yourself and wasting your precious time, energy and money on a programme that will leave you more frustrated than when you began, and back to square one!

During a real detox you are simply supporting your body by taking the burden off the organs that are responsible for detoxification; that is your liver, kidneys and bowel; whilst eating the foods that contain the various nutrients needed for your body to detoxify and adding in some additional cleansing support, and in this case I used the Easy Detox herbal sachets.

I thought a detox meant you couldn’t eat though?!

To truly support detoxification you MUST EAT! Your complex detoxification pathways need various amino acids (protein), B vitamins and other co-factors to actually perform their important processes, therefore on a fast you’re not given your body this support.

The 7-day Easy Detox body cleanse was super convenient and easy to follow, also enjoyable, as I could just keep reminding myself that it was only for 7 days and you DO NOT and SHOULD NOT go hungry! I followed my usual daily diet which in a nutshell consists of quality protein from lean (usually organic) meats, fish and eggs, quality carbohydrate from all vegetables, root veggies, berries and brown rice, plenty of healthy fats, and hydration with water and herbal tea. For me the only things I needed to go without for the 7 days were my beloved dark chocolate, my weekly glass of red wine and I had to keep my hand out of my boyfriend’s bag of Kettle Chips on the Friday night! I don’t drink coffee or regular tea, so for me giving up caffeine for the week wasn’t an issue.

I felt a little bit emotional on day 3, but just went with it, took myself out for a walk in the sunshine and allowed myself to feel it as part of the process. Other than that I felt great!

If you are looking for a quick and convenient cleanse then I definitely recommend the Easy Detox kit, just ensure you get advice from either myself or another a qualified Nutritional Therapist on your ideal food plan to follow for the week before you get started.

Francesca Liparoti
Nutritional Therapist Dip ION, BA (hons), mBANT, CNHC, UK