My overall experience of the Amrita easy detox was wonderful.

Did you find it easy to adhere to?

The detox was extremely easy to adhere to, for me personally as all the recommendations you outline is my basic lifestyle philosophy. The only slight ‘challenging’ part was refraining from the odd coffee. I also found I had to have the pouches in a visible spot in my kitchen as I did forget in the evening to take my dose!! I also believe for those who may not be as trained on how to eat a diet high in vegetables, they would find it very challenging – my suggestion is that you have a large bunch of recipes suitable that cover the guidelines and are easy to make with everyday ingredients, as without this many people with busy lives would find it hard. [Speaking from personal experiences, I find it hard to keep clients on a clean diet] Before starting the detox they could plan out their menu and buy all the food they need to support the program.

Whats were the effects that you felt?

My effects varied from day to day. Early on in the detox I did notice I had a lot more gas & gurgling happening in my stomach. My bowel movements certainly increased, someday up to 4 [normally it is 2]. Day 2 and 3 I felt exhausted and all my body wanted to do is sleep. I did have a headache during those days. Day 5 – 7 I felt vibrant and energised and my system seemed to have settled very well. I did notice that very early on the clarity of my eyes upon rising was noticeably different to normal days without the detox.

What was your overall all experience from the program?

My overall experience of the Amrita easy detox was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the detox and I did notice a significant change in my energy and vitality towards the latter part of the program. The taste of the blend was pleasing, and it was best blended with cold coconut water. It is a great program for anyone who is looking to complete a gentle cleanse with maximum benefits. Thank you for developing a wonderful product!

Maddie Race
Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Australia