I shall say that I am very grateful for my Amrita Experience as somehow it changed my life!

Might sound a bit too loud but in fact it did. To remind, I was 2 days on program at Banyan Tree (and it is probably best 2 days for me these year), then a day on the plane back home and then I continued 4 days at home. And to be honest I am very proud of myself for completing the program ))), as for me it was really big change in food habits and life schedule.
The obvious results of my detox program are:
1/ Feeling very very very energized and I am mentioning it first of all as it is the best result for me!
2/ No more headaches since coming back from Samui
3/ Lost around 4kg weight
4/ Not drinking coffee at all and it is amazing as I used to have 4-5 cups per day
5/ Eating 3 times a day and last meal is 7pm, and again it is amazing for me as before I used to eat maximum twice a day and late in the night )))
6/ No longer eating meat (though not sure how long it will take J), instead lots of fruits, vegetable, seafood, fish and almost no fried food.
7/ Starting my day with 0.5l water with lime and it is awesome
8/ Don’t have much time for sport activities but I am doing a bit of exercising at home in the mornings before work
And what is the best for me is that all these changes are very easy and not forced, just as if it should be so!

Anna Grigoryan