I immediately recommended this to a group of patients

Easy Detox experience

As a Naturopath and Yoga teacher I often come across detox products. When I saw The Amrita Easy Detox program I was intrigued to see if this differed greatly from ones I have tried before. The results far exceeded my expectations and I’m so excited to have found this program which stands out above all other detox products in the market.

So impressed with the results I immediately recommended this to a group of patients who all responded with amazing results both in their weight loss, energy levels, pain reduction, improved digestive function and greater clarity. Since then I have been able to help others achieve great results and improved wellness using this Easy Detox product. Whether you try the short detox program of 7 days or a longer detox, the results are quick and amazing. I personally use this product at one sachet a day to maintain proper detoxification and reduce inflammation in the body.

Easy Detox Patients Survey results

Patients Demographic

  • 9 Women, aged 35-70
  • 1 Male, aged 53
  • 8 listed weight loss as a goal
  • 6 listed more energy, clarity and feeling refreshed
  • Average weight lost was 1.72 kgs
  • Most weight lost was 3kgs
  • All responded with feeling more energetic and refreshed with improved bloating and bowel function

Survey results 1

Survey results 2

Carly Gallagher
Naturopath, yoga teacher, Australia