Easy Detox is ideal for those struggling with a ‘weight plateau’


I was approached by Amrita’s Group to use their Easy Detox Kit personally and give my feedback on the product. Being a Nutritionist and practising for more than 6 years in Health & wellness industry, the most common thing which I come across among my clients is ‘asking for a detox plan’ if they are on a diet program, especially weight loss because of its immense health benefits. So far I have been only recommending a detox diet to my clients and never tried any detox product. So this time I got an opportunity to explore a detox product and give my reviews about it which might help many people who are looking for a good detox programme.

“Before starting with the program, I thoroughly researched about the product, ingredients used, the methodology of the program and other associated instructions.”

About Easy Detox

It is a 100% natural, gentle and effective detox programme that enhances the body’s natural detox abilities to clear the toxins from cells and flushing them out from the body. It does not involve fasting and use of any invasive methods to clean the system.

“It provides a deep cleansing effect by using natural herbs which promotes release of toxins from the body, prevents oxidative damage and nourishes the body”

It is a 7 day long programme in which 3 detox sachets needs to consumed in a day each before main meals i.e breakfast, lunch and dinner. The detox sachets can be mixed with plain water, coconut water or any fruit juice or smoothie. Along with this, one can continue normal meals but healthy food choices should be made as per the enclosed instructions (comes along with the kit) to get desired effect. The programme comes with post programme follow-up and support on diet and lifestyle.

Features of Easy Detox Kit:

The Easy Detox Classic Kit comes in an attractive box with 21 detox sachets and various documents which explains about the entire program in detail i.e. the principle of the program, its methodology, a quick start guide which describes how the programme works, ingredients used, function of each ingredient in detox, the directions for use, recommended dosage, nutritional information and the outcome of the programme. All these informations will help an individual to understand about the whole programme very clearly without leaving any doubt before starting.

Convenient -The sachets are very convenient to use as the entire content of one sachet is to be used once which eliminates the need of measuring. It is also easy to carry for office goers.
Taste -It has got a slight sweet taste which makes it palatable to drink with water. No bitter taste at all. It tastes awesome with coconut water. I tried it with both plain water and coconut water and really liked the taste with coconut water.
Texture – Because of its coarse texture, it does not really blend well in water and little residue remains behind after drinking the whole shake. You need to give a hard push to the last sip to get the remaining content with water inside your mouth.
Ingredients – All the ingredients used in the shake are very well selected depending upon their individual functions and their role in enhancing the body’s natural detoxification function.

Use of Detox kit:

I started using detox kit next day of receiving it.

“I was taking 3 sachets in a day with water or coconut water one each before breakfast, lunch and dinner”.

On one or two occasions, I forgot to take it before meals so took it after meals. Along with the detox shake, I was continuing with my normal diet which consisted of cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables and low fat yoghurt. I could not avoid all the foods which are listed to avoid during the programme like caffeine, dairy and gluten rich cereals but their intake was in very limited amounts. Being a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat. I did avoid sweets, sugar, junk, processed and packaged foods during the entire programme and did not even feel the cravings for such foods. I used to walk for 15-20 mins daily as a part of my exercise regime.

Outcome of the programme:

Amrita’s Easy Detox Programme is a very comprehensive detox programme which enables you to experience a deep cleansing effect inside the body without disturbing the normal daily activities and lifestyle. It goes well with your daily eating habits and complements the foods we eat by filling up the nutrient gap.

“Just after day one of starting with detox shake, I started having clear bowel movements. I could feel my colon getting cleansed every day morning. I was having good sound sleep and was feeling calm and energised…”

After the end of 7 day detox programme, I am experiencing a more clean and radiant complexion. My hairfall has reduced to a great extent. I am overall feeling good about my body and health. Since weight loss was not my goal, I was not bothered about my weight loss though it might have led to some fat loss.

I would highly recommend Amrita’s Easy Detox Programme to everybody who are putting all their efforts to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. It has got a wonderful collection of natural ingredients sourced from a pure organic environment and processed with freeze dried techniques which preserves all nutrients of the ingredients allowing only water to get lost. It nourishes your body and cleans the entire system enabling the body organs to work optimally. It is ideal for those struggling with a ‘weight plateau’ as this detox programme can give a kick start to their weight loss journey and rebalance the entire system.

Shilpi Agarwal
Nutritionist & Dietician B.Sc. M.Sc., UK