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Here are some answers to Frequently asked questionS

  • Will I feel hungry while using the Easy Detox Kits by Amrita?

Our Easy Detox Kits contain a blend of herbs and spices that are designed to stop you feeling hungry. Whilst undertaking your Detox Plan your meal plans may differ from your regular diet, but at no point should you feel hungry or the need to snack. Our detox-friendly meals and signature herbal shakes provide the nutrients essential to make your detox experience wholesome and hunger free.

  • Can I use your Detox Kits in addition to a Diet Programme?

Yes – in fact you should consider using our Detox Kits prior to starting a diet plan as it will give you a kick start. You can use them in alongside a Slimming World or Weight Watchers Diet, but whilst on our Easy Detox Plan you should tailor your meals to include the foods we recommend.

You may well however find that having been on our Detox Plan, you may not need to then go onto another diet programme.

  • How much weight will I lose?

Whilst our Easy Detox Kits are about providing a full body cleanse, most customers will also lose a significant amount of weight. Many people who currently consume a traditional Western Diet have lost between 6 & 12lbs (2-6kg) in one week. Some people have lost over a stone in weight in one week. However, every person is different and we cannot guarantee how much weight you will lose.

  • What can I eat?

It is important that you eat well during your detox. You do not need to spend a lot of money buying special foods and supplements – everything you need vitamin & Mineral wise in within your detox kit.

Within your detox kit you will find everything you need to support you during your Detox Programme. You will get details of what you can eat and what you should avoid, as well as some great recipe ideas. Don’t worry you won’t be forced to live on raw spinach or expensive food – in fact many people report their weekly shopping bill has decreased while using our Easy Detox Kits!

Your daily meals will most likely be slightly different to what you are used to eating, but many people say that our Easy Detox Kits trigger a change in their mentality towards food. And most people continue to use some of the lessons & recipes that they have used during the detox programme long after they have finished the course.

  • How much "old" material will my body eliminate?

Our Easy Detox Home Kits work on each person in an individual way. Two people will rarely have exactly the same experience.

Some of our cleansing herbs stimulate the bowels to eliminate large intestinal contents; some are good for eliminating parasites; others are good for eliminating deep cellular level toxins. The most dangerous compounds which were in your body cannot be seen as they leave, but their absence can be felt in a feeling of lightness in your body, a boost in your energy levels and general vitality.

  • How much exercise should I do whilst undertaking an Easy Detox Plan?

Whilst you do not have to do any additional exercise, you will benefit from practicing some exercise.

Undertaking Yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, walking, cycling and hiking are all very good — but there is no need to exert yourself too much. 30 to 60 minutes a day of any activities will be enough to move your blood and lymph and support successful detox processes in your body.

  • Will I have the energy to go about my normal activities?

Yes, absolutely. If you are at all worried, some people may begin a programme on a weekend to give themselves 2 days to stay around the house and relax.

This is a good time for relaxation, meditation and self-reflection. In this manner you allow yourself the opportunity to work with the cleansing.

Easy Detox individual sachets will allow you to continue your detox at work or in your normal daily schedule. In fact after day 3 or 4 you should feel highly invigorated and you will start to feel less tired and have more energy.

  • Why do you use shakes and not tablets or capsules?

In our Easy Detox Kits we choose to use powder and shakes rather than capsules or tablets.

Firstly, in order to provide a full therapeutically effective dose — generally around 10 grams of powdered herb – you would need to take around 300 capsules every day, which is not practical at all!

Secondly, some of the herbs require that you taste the sourness or the bitterness of the herb as part of the trigger for its action on your internal body systems — a capsule or tablet bypasses this crucial step and reduces the therapeutic benefit of the herb.

Thirdly, different components of any food or medicine are broken down in different parts of the digestive system: Carbohydrates in the mouth; proteins in the stomach; lipids in the duodenum. Capsules and tablets certainly bypass the mouth and may pass through the stomach or even the duodenum without being broken down and are therefore not able to be absorbed even if your digestive system is working efficiently.

Our herbal ingredients, taken in liquid form as shakes actually enhance digestion and provide their full therapeutic potential.

  • How often should I repeat my Easy Detox?

One of the goals of Easy Detox is to introduce you to how much better you feel when your body is clean from the inside out and working at optimum efficiency, how much more energy and clarity you feel, the lightness in your being, freedom from bloating, constipation, skin issues clearing up and all the benefits of our deep cellular-level detox. Ideally you will take some of the lessons about healthy diet and lifestyle choices into your normal daily life.

When you start to feel that you have lost that edge – that would be a good time for another detox.

It also depends on what Easy Detox kit you choose. The most popular Easy Detox Classic Kit is good to use 4-5 times a year at the change of seasons, that will help to support the results of detox. The Deluxe Kit you can use 2-3 times a year. The Mini Kit is good if you would like to do a mini cleanse once per month.

  • What type of cleansing side effects can I expect when using the Easy Detox Kits?

Our Easy Detox Kits have been specifically designed to minimize the “healing crisis” which you might have heard of – which is really just a mismanagement of toxins as they are re-packaged from storage forms into transport forms to leave the body.

Our Easy Detox is designed to be more gentle and easy to manage than most detox plans which employ extreme fasting or juice only diets.

A cleanse can be an opportunity to take time out and enjoy the change in your body and mentality, however, if you are feeling overly stressed during a cleanse, please talk with our online support personnel who will amend your programme or resolve your issues in other ways.


Our Easy Detox Kits are designed as a food supplement to be used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet. They are made from entirely natural ingredients which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. If you are taking medication, have a long term health problem or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before use.

* The amount of weight loss varies from person to person & the amount of weight lost during our Easy Detox programme cannot be guaranteed. However, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of our product and back this up with our Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results obtained, we will refund your money in full *.