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Easy detox Mini Kit - 3 Day Detox

Easy detox Mini Kit - 3 Day Detox
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RAW Nuts Young Coconuts x9 - Mini Detox PackRAW Nuts Young Coconuts x9 - Mini Detox Pack
Easy Detox Quick Start GuideEasy Detox Quick Start Guide
Easy Detox Secrets UnlockedEasy Detox Secrets Unlocked

Our Easy Detox Mini Kit is designed for a quick 3-Day Detox.

Ideal for a quick pick me up, or as a trial pack for first time users.

This pack contains 9 Easy Detox Sachets.

The Easy Detox Mini Kit is our mini body cleanse kit. Consisting of 9 premium single-serve sachets, it is designed to be completed as a 3-day Detox programme with food.

This pack is ideal if you are new to detox, need a quick mini-cleanse or want to trial before buying our Classic or Deluxe full Detox packs.

We also provide you with a complete food plan with inspirational food recipes, as well as some great shakes & smoothie recipes.

If you buy now you will also get our “Secrets Unlocked” E-Book and Quick Start Guide.




★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
"After several unpleasant detox and fast experiences over the years, I have to say I was I little nervous to start the Easy Detox program. Could it possibly be as easy peasy as they say? The answer is yes! Through the program I was able to work, exercise, run our family home and still have enough energy to play with my 2 year old son at the end of each day. Eating clean while on the program meant that I experienced absolutely no hunger pangs and my energy level remained consistent throughout the day. I was also able to address several dietary issues I had been struggling with, including cravings, portion control and a long term caffeine and sugar dependence. I was thrilled not to experience any of the nasty withdrawal symptoms one would expect on a detox but instead, I found myself clear headed, well rested, open, light and mindful.I even managed to shed the last few kilos of baby weight I had been holding onto which feels fabulous! Would I repeat the experience again? Absolutely! Perhaps even several times a year, as I believe it’s the most balanced and loving detox I have found. Thank you, Amrita *
I never felt hungry during the program. I woke up every morning with a lot of energy. Benefits continue after the detox…” My experience with Easy Detox has been outstanding. I’ve done many detox programs before and I can say this is the best one so far. I never felt hungry during the program. I woke up every morning with a lot of energy and ready to start my day… The benefits continue after the detox, feeling much better than before. My skin is also much better. I would recommend Easy Detox to everyone. It’s super easy to follow and you get amazing results. *
"I completed the Classic Detox for 7 days and at the end felt really good. I had more energy and drive in the mornings and this lasted all day. The herb mix is a bit strange on its own but you can experiment with the flavours/liquids to find a blend you like. It is nice with fresh coconut water. The benefits of not feeling sluggish or tired, and the energy it gave me was incredible, as well as not being hungry as you can still fill yourself up with good food. It was totally worth it and when weighing in after my 7 days - I then found I'd lost 10lb – the perfect way to get back on track with my healthy eating regime!! I'd definitely recommend it for a kick start to a diet or to give a deep cleanse for your body. *"
- Melissa Vandivier - Alicia Casillas - Katie Watson



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