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Detox your body, lose weight & feel great with easy detox by amrita wellness

Welcome to the Amrita Wellness Family.

Our Easy Detox kits were scientifically developed to enhance your detox pathways. 

Whether you are looking for a complete body cleanse and detox, or for sustainable weight loss, our Easy Detox kits will help you.

Highly recommended by Nutritionists and Naturopaths!

Full Body Detox & Cleanse

Our Easy Detox Kits cleanse your body, restoring your natural balance

Our 100% Organic blend of Thai fruit, herbs & spices is scientifically developed to open your body’s natural detox pathways, allowing you to detox your body safely & effectively.

With our belief of “let food be thy medicine”, and ” do no harm”, our Easy Detox Kits are designed to enhance your body’s natural detox pathways.

You will find that our Easy Detox Kits will reset your body and mind – you should end up feeling refreshed, less tired and they will completely break the unhealthy eating cycle that we all so easily end up falling into.

Providing safe and effective weight loss which is sustainable, you can lose weight without feeling hangry (hungry & angry!). Our Easy Detox Kits contain a natural appetite suppressant which is designed to help with weight loss.

Many people who have struggled to lose weight in the past love the results that they get with our Easy Detox Kits.


100% Organic fruit, herbs & spices

 Gentle but effective cleanse & detox

 Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

 Full Money Back Guarantee!


Graham Rowe - Amrita Wellness Retreat

Designed to be easy to use, our Easy Detox Kits will rebalance your body naturally, whilst enjoying a healthy, balanced diet. With no need for invasive colonics or extreme juice only diets, our Easy Detox Kits should leave you feeling invigorated, refreshed and relaxed.

Lose Weight & Feel Great!

Our Easy Detox Kits cleanse your body, restoring your natural balance

Our Easy Detox Kits allow you to cleanse & detox your body without the need for fasting, simply follow our easy recipes and food plans!

Our detox kits combined with our healthy meal plans & recipe ideas are designed to help you to lose weight and feel great without feeling hungry.

Used in luxury hotels & retreats, you can now buy our fantastic detox products for use in your own home.

Lose weight quickly with sustainable results*

Full recipe ideas & diet plans included

Diet & Detox together for maximum results!

Contains a natural & very effective appetite suppressant

As Seen in Vogue Magazine
How our Detox Kits Work

Our Easy Detox kits use exactly the same blend of ingredients as we use in our Luxury Wellness Retreats, allowing you to undertake a safe & effective detox at home.

With 3 different Easy Detox Kits to suit your individual lifestyle, you can undertake your detox at home or while working.

Each of our detox sachets contains the equivalent of taking 100 detox tablets. They are scientifically developed to cleanse your body quickly, effectively and safely using entirely natural ingredients.


⇒ Designed to be used with a healthy diet

 No fasting required or needed!

 Safe & very effective natural detox programme

 Full Money Back Guarantee!


Easy Detox Ingredients
Nutritionist Backed - Get Your Free Nutritionist Consultation

Our Easy Detox Kits were scientifically developed using a high strength blend of the finest ingredients to give safe & effective results.

To further differentiate our product from the ineffective detox products or extreme juice programmes, we have teamed up with leading independent Nutritionists and Naturopaths across the UK to offer you a FREE 15 minute consultation!

⇒ Discuss your diet & health with one of our Independent Nutritionists

⇒ Understand whether our Easy Detox Kits can help you

⇒ Understand what results you can expect & the benefit to your health & lifestyle

⇒ Click here to book your free 15 minute consultation


Nutritionist Appointments
Featured Products
Easy Detox Deluxe Kit - Intensive 7 Day or 14 Day Detox & Probiotics

Easy Detox Deluxe Kit - Intensive 7 Day or 14 Day Detox & Probiotics£239.99


Designed for a Premium Body Cleanse Detox, and comes with a 7 day Premium Probiotic course to be used at the end of your detox programme.

You can use it as an intensive Detox, cleanse & Diet over 7 days, drinking 5 shakes per day, or the more relaxed (Classic) programme for 14 days.


Easy Detox Classic Kit - 7 Day Detox

Easy Detox Classic Kit - 7 Day Detox£129.99


Detox your body, Lose Weight & Feel Great the Easy Way with our 7 Day Detox Kit!

This is our classic pack & gives you good results during a full week of detox and is designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet – no fasting!

Full diet plans, inspirational healthy food recipes & shake & smoothie recipes & ideas included.

Buy now & get our Easy Detox Cookbook written by 5* Chefs worth £49.99 FREE!


RAW Nuts Young Coconuts x21 - Classic Detox Pack

RAW Nuts Young Coconuts x21 - Classic Detox Pack£69.99   £39.99


Special Young Coconut Detox Pack from RAW Nuts containing 21 Fresh Young Coconuts designed to go with our Easy Detox Classic Kit.

These are the perfect choice to make your Easy Detox smoothies with - you can use both the water & meat!

This pack contains 21 whole, fresh Young Coconuts containing natural fresh Coconut Water. Once you try these we believe you will never go back to bottled Coconut Water!

Easy detox Mini Kit - 3 Day Detox

Easy detox Mini Kit - 3 Day Detox£49.99


Our Easy Detox Mini Kit is designed for a quick 3-Day Detox.

Ideal for a quick pick me up, or as a trial pack for first time users!


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As used in 5* Spas and Resorts Worldwide



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If you would like to stock our detox kits, or develop an Amrita Wellness programme, please contact us.


Our Easy Detox Kits are designed as a food supplement to be used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet. They are made from entirely natural ingredients which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. If you are taking medication, have a long term health problem or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before use.

* The amount of weight loss varies from person to person & the amount of weight lost during our Easy Detox programme cannot be guaranteed. However, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of our product and back this up with our Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results obtained, we will refund your money in full *.